When it comes to deciding on which statement piece to wear for a special event a hatinator should be on the top of your list as they are great alternatives to hats and can add that extra touch of glam to your outfit for a special occasion. A hatinator is a cross between a fascinator and a hat. Although it looks like a formal wedding hat in terms of size and style, rather than just sitting on your head like a regular hat, a hatinator is usually mounted onto a headband or hair clip and worn just like a fascinator, and as tradition would have it you would always wear it on the right hand-side of your head allowing your face to be seen and your hair-style to remain in-tact.

Hatinators for race days and weddings
Hatinators are known as popular women’s hair accessories for weddings or races and are often worn by wedding guests or the Mother of the Bride or mother of the Groom. Hatinators for weddings are a must-have accessory to give your look that distinguished touch and, on contrary to popular beliefs, hatinators have become more and more on trend, yet finding the perfect headpiece can also depend on the venue of the wedding and the style you are aiming for, lucky for you our website offers a wide selection of colours and styles to go with your outfit. Whether you are going for a subtle look or an extravagant glamorous look we stock a wide variety of beautiful hatinators to suit everyone’s individual taste and personality.

Each one of our hatinators is a unique statement piece, made with the finest materials crafted in stunning embellishments, with contrasting fabrics and trims to complete your overall look perfectly. So, what are you waiting for?


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