Kentucky derby hats for women
When you are searching for the perfect yet subtle accessory for your outfit on a special occasion a hat is always the best choice, besides, there is no better way to top off your look and give a sense of occasion than a hat. Our flattering selection of wedding hats and fascinators will give your outfit just the right amount of elegance and glamour to complete your outfit, and can be purchased online in a beautiful array of colours and styles for all seasons. Before you purchase the perfect headwear for a wedding, there are a few rules you might want to bear in mind if you want to look your absolute best.

First and foremost, you need to think about the fit with the dress and the fit against your facial features. We advise you pick a design that balances your face, as rounded faces should opt for broad or angled styles, while those with a longer face could use a hat with a sweeping brim to cut their proportions. Height also plays an important role in choosing the perfect fit as petite women might want to add a few extra inches with a tall crown hat.

Our website offers a wide selection of wedding hats, feather hats and Kentucky derby hats to choose from, for every facial feature, for every occasion and every sense of style; From classic and traditional styles to modern and trendy, with contrasting fabrics and trims which will complete your overall look perfectly you’ll find something that’s perfectly “you”. Prepare for a day at the races with our Kentucky derby hat collection, that one event where the fashion prevails over the event and makes it into a true spectacle.

The hats are all about the big, bold and over-embellished, even when they’re a small cloche or fascinator. We suggest you go big and bold for this event and to express your inner-hat extravaganza to the max, in our vast collection of hats we are sure you’ll find something just right for you.


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